Hair Curlers



The soft foam sponge protects the hair without causing any damage.

High-stretch polyester can be folded and folded at will.

The ultra-light and soft roller are especially suitable for sleeping.

When you wake up, beautiful curls will appear.

Beautiful natural curly waves and good sleep.

And your love. Both are available!

save time. Use a curling iron before going to bed.

You will get beautiful curly hairstyles the next day.

According to your needs and desired hairstyle.

You can style and curl hair easily.

Wavy hair and beach wavy curls.

Keep curls firm.

Easy to use way suitable for all hair types.

Save a lot of time and money.

The curling iron will not permanently damage the hair at all.

How To Use:

1. Make sure the hair is completely knotted and add any plumping spray over the entire length at this stage.

2. Use a blower to tighten curls.

3. Wait a few hours, it is best to wear it at night.

4. Viola! Wake up a beautiful curly hair.

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