Foot Massager Roller



This tool is designed with similar science of reflexology, so using it on each point of your feet regularly will help to maintain good health and also prevents your body to catch diseases.

Perfect acupressure tool to stimulate energy, blood circulation, and blocked nerves. After usage feels partial or complete relief from pain, stress, and tiredness.

When suffering from hard skin on your heel or any part of your feet, or suffering from any other foot ailments, massage BOTH your feet on Dr. Flink's DUAL soothing foot massager, which will soothe your feet and you will feel a refreshing relief.

After a long tiring day, being on your feet all day - you'll need to rest up. Your tired and aching feet will feel so much better when relaxing over Dr. Flink's foot massage, In the comfort of your home.

Foot massager helps your blood circulate better from your feet, all through your body, and heals all different foot ailments. It acts as a natural remedy for your feet.

Being that it's lightweight, you can easily carry your foot massager to wherever you'd like, and even take it along when traveling.

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