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20-in-1 Multi-Tool

The 20-in-1 Multi-Tool features an easy, portable solution for all of your everyday tools.

Equipped with 20 different tools combined into 1 Multi-Tool. Designed with 420-grade black stainless steel for a sleek look and equips a gold plated revolving disc allows tools to be exposed while in use, so they are never in the way when you don't need them.

It's the perfect tool that does everything for the person who does everything!

Equipped with a quick release clip, easily attaches to a key ring or belt loop.



You will not be struggling anymore!

  • 20-in-1 built features will make your daily life easier!
  • Can be used by anyone and anywhere!
  • Does the job very quickly and will not turn you down!
  • The most perfect, small, compact and handy keychain ever!
  • Fashionable and very compact to carry on your belt.


Most of our costumers bought 2 or more! Keep one for yourself and give the other one as a gift to someone you care about!

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