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10 pcs Cabinet LED Light

No more searching in the dark! This LED light is the ultimate solution for all those dark closet and cabinets!
Can be used in home, kitchen, office or hotel's cabinet, closet, cupboard or wardrobe which with hinge.
Intelligent induction, when opening the cabinet, lamp will turns on automatically. When closing the cabinet, the light turns off and it's battery operated.

  • Compact size,
  • Lightweight,
  • Easy to install and convenient to use.
  • Runs on 23A 12V battery, can be used for one year in the normal condition.
  • Easy to install.

Including 10 pcs LED Closet Lights
23A batteries not included.


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Endless possibilities for the ultimate Cabinet Closet LED light. 
Grab one (which includes 10 pcs) for someone who always strugels in the dark closets or it also could be a perfect gift for your friends and love ones!

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