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Magnetic Window Scraper

Get A Dandy Scrape With Magnetic Window Cleaner - A Tool that Conveniently scrapes All Your Windows!

✅ Convenient
✅ Long Lasting
✅ Deep Clean


Tired of cleaning your windows and at the end see those painful streaks that you just can't seem to get rid of. Having dirty windows is one thing but having clean windows with countless streaks in them is god awful, especially when you're going to have company over. Luckily for you, we created a way you can have sparkling clean windows without any streaks with Magnetic Window Cleaner - A true game-changer in the cleaning industry.

Equipped with double sided rubber squeegees that does twice the work with much more effectiveness. Which means the Magnetic Window Cleaner will do all the hard work so you don't have to. Works both sides of the mirror simultaneously so you can finish your window cleaning in just a matter of minutes.

Includes two micro cloths that scrub heavy dirt and polish off of your windows as well. Saving you the time from going over your windows, again and again, causing streak after streak.

Works well on all windows. Bathroom windows, high-rise apartments, dorms, and even office buildings. It can scrape even the thickest of windows and still get the job done

It's not just the fact that we make amazing products. It's our dedication with years and years of rigorous research that makes us stand out from the crowd. Millions of customers from all over the world constantly write to us telling us how much they love the Magnetic Window Cleaner and how convenient it is. Get yours today so you can have a dandy scrape with Magnetic Window Cleaner



Convenient-Cleans both sides simultaneously saving you time and the extra energy from doing one at a time. Giving you more time to do the things you truly love.

Long Lasting-strong power magnets made with 4 rubber squeegees that are %100 natural. You can use the Magnetic Window Cleaner for years and years without it losing its effectiveness

Deep Clean-Gets in those hard to reach areas that you just can't get to with ease and twice the precision that manual window cleaning just simply can't do.

Streak Free-Which means you or your company you invited over never have to look at those nasty streaks again. Giving your bathroom an overall cleaner and more spotless look to it.

Easy To Use-Meaning you can get it and have the Magnetic Window Cleaner up and running as soon as today. Shortly after reading the instructions you will be able to operate the Magnetic Window Cleaner with the least effort and maximum results.

Our Guarantee- If for any reason you feel that this product isn't for you feel free to send us an e-mail at our store address and we'll promptly refund your money. No questions asked.
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