Plant Watering Globes



The Plant Watering Globes. Perfect for florists, gardeners, anyone who works frequently within their yard, or for those who love plants. Also a great gift or present for your peers. Check out some of the following features!

1. Material: The plant watering stakes body is made of high-quality PP material, strong and durable. Terracotta bottom let the water permeate the soil evenly.

2. Easy to Use: Step 1, Place the bottom of the automatic watering device into the soil. Step 2, Pour water into the watering device. Step 3, Without the additional operation, water will automatically flow from the bottom into the soil.

3. Adding Water in Two Ways: You can screw off the lid and add water to fill it up more quickly. Or You can pour water directly into the top of the plant watering devices without taking it out of the soil.

4. Big Capacity: Once fill-up can self-watering for up to 7-10 days, you can enjoy your holiday travel. A transparent body lets you can see how much water is left at any time to help you replenish water in time.

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